In a nutshell about us

FreeVee was founded by Muhammad Asif a telecommunications engineer who migrated to New Zealand.   He was horrified by the price of smartphones and the cost of calling Pakistan.  Muhammad invented his own range of smartphones, Kiwi Mobiles,  see www.kiwimobiles.co.nz  The former Minister in charge of telecommunications Hon Richard Prebble CBE purchased an early Kiwi Mobile mobile and like it so much he became the Chairman.  They then developed FreeVee to make cheap international calls.  FreeVee is based in Hong Kong because that country has excellent telecommunication infra structure.

Work team

Our advantages


Our rates are cheaper.   FreeVee is cheaper than Skype.  You can video call FreeVee to FreeVee for free!  Enroll your Mum and call her for free.  Buy your children the K-phone smartphone www.kiwimobiles.co.nz with FreeVee pre-loaded and call for free.  Special rates to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Fiji.


FreeVee has better features.  You can use FreeVee on your mobile phone just like an ordinary call.  The cost of local calls is lower than using a pre-paid SIM card.


Never leave home without FreeVee.  The follow-me feature means where ever you get free wifi you can get and receive free calls home.  No more international roaming charges