Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for use of FreeVee

Every user of FreeVee services and products whether free or paid must agree to these terms and conditions and in using the FreeVee services agrees to these conditions.

FreeVee may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.  FreeVee will publish the changes on its website www.FreeVee.co.nz

FreeVee is the trade name of Information Communications and Services Limited (ICS) and the user acknowledges both names FreeVee and ICS  are owned by Information and Communication Services Limited worldwide and agrees not to use either name without written permission.

FreeVee is a software application.  FreeVee services and hardware are designed for personal use and given the inherent issues in any Internet product not recommended for commercial applications or use.

FreeVee may from time to time provide updates to the software or Hardware or may change the Services at any time. The customer may be required to update the Software in order to continue using the Software and Hardware and the Services.

FreeVee will send text and other messages to users regarding its services.  The FreeVee services are supported by advertising which the user agrees to receive.

FreeVee does not include support to call emergency telephone numbers such as 111.

The user agrees to not to interfere, modify or alter the software or to convert the software for their own use.  If any unauthorized use is detected the user’s access to FreeVee will be terminated and any payment credit forfeit and it is at FreeVee’s discretion whether to reactivate the user’s account.

The user agrees not to use FreeVee for any malicious purpose or to introduce any malware, virus or similar.  If such actions are detected the users access will be halted and any user credits forfeited and the user’s account will be only reactivated at FreeVee’s discretion.

The User agrees not to miss-use FreeVee to make unsolicited calls, threatening calls, nuisance calls and the like and FreeVee reserves the right to block calls to numbers and or countries and/or terminate use and the user’s credit will be forfeit and reactivation will be solely at FreeVee’s discretion.

FreeVee is not bound by any obvious errors or mistakes in the offer on its website or elsewhere and nor is its third party agents and resellers.  Any inaccuracy or errors cannot be claimed against FreeVee or its agents to the limit allowed by law.

FreeVee offers some paid services and products that are time limited which must be bought by setting up a credit.  There is no interest payable on the credit and the credit is time limited.    The times are set out on the offer on FreeVee websites such as www.FreeVee.co.nz  All times start when the user accepts the offer. Credits expire when the time limit expires.  Where there is no time limit such as a voucher from an agent or third party the credit expires after one year (12 months).

FreeVee may provide free trial minutes or special offers.  Trial call minutes and special offers are valid for only the time in the offer and may only be used as a trial.  Any abuse of special offers or trial minutes in a way not intended by FreeVee entitles FreeVee to withdraw, modify or block the free trial or special offer.

FreeVee offers various ways to obtain credit such as PayPal.  These may change from time to time.  Users will be bound by the terms offered by the paying agents.

An automatic top up service is offered.  When using the automatic top up service the user authorizes FreeVee and FreeVee payment service provider to debit the User’s account (bank balance or credit card) for any auto recharge.

Where a user wishes to terminate a service or an automatic top up they must email to   info@FreeVee.co.nz advising the change.

FreeVee will acknowledge and act on such instructions within three working days.

FreeVee will advise users when their credit is reaching expiry and before exercising the automatic top up of credit.

If the user chooses to use a one click payment from for PayPal which FreeVee offers then the user authorizes FreeVee and FreeVee payment service provider to debit the User’s account (bank balance or credit card) for the purchases upon a click on the payment button. The User may withdraw his permission at any time by sending an e-mail to: info@FreeVee.co.nz

If a User makes use of the one-click payment possibility, FreeVee and/or the payment service provider will process the account information to facilitate and execute the one click payment.

The one click payment will also be subject to the relevant terms and conditions of FreeVee payment service provider.

The terms including the rates and connection fees of all pay offers are to be found on the said website and users are bound by these terms and conditions.  FreeVee may alter the rates and connection fees at any time and the new rates and connection fees will apply from the moment they are posted on the FreeVee website.  Users are advised to select services with care because these are use it or lose it services and there are no refunds except as required by law.

Users are advised and acknowledge that any Internet calling system has inherent issues.  Some telecommunication service providers are unreliable and unavailable.  Calls may be dropped, disrupted or distorted.  FreeVee seeks to provide the best quality service but gives no quality assurance.

FreeVee will use its best endeavors to find the best route for the user but gives no guaranty or warranty.  In the event of a break down in service FreeVee will use its best endeavor to restore service but as FreeVee runs on providers’ networks there is no warranty as to when service will be restored.

The user agrees to use FreeVee within the laws and regulations of the country in which the user is operating and the laws of Hong Kong.

FreeVee agrees not to use any personal data provided except to provide this service.

In the event of any legal dispute the user agrees that these terms and conditions are to be interpreted according to the laws of Hong Kong and any dispute must be lodged and decided by the Courts of Hong Kong.

In the event of a complaint the user must promptly contact FreeVee and within 48 hours of any particular incident.

Should any liability be found against FreeVee the liability is capped at the amount of credit purchased by the user in the three months prior to the incident giving rise to liability.  FreeVee has no liability to third parties and has advised against using this service for commercial activity and FreeVee has no liability arising from the use of any free service.

The terms and conditions and any contract apply to the user and cannot be assigned to any third party without FreeVee’s written permission.  FreeVee may at any time assign its obligations and any contract with the user to a third party.

Company registration number 2310624 Information and Communications Services Limited Hong Kong. Incorporate in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance, Chapter 622 of the laws of Hong Kong.

Registered address. Room 2201-07 Tower Two Times Square 1 Matheson ST Causeway Bay HK.